Rumford Hospital Offers Pulmonary Function Testing

Rumford Hospital performs Pulmonary Function Testing for patients with lung issues. The procedure is a series of tests that measure how well your lungs take in and expel air, and how well they move oxygen and other gases into your bloodstream and then throughout your body.

Prior to testing, you may be asked to abstain from caffeine and from using an inhaler (bronchodilator) for 24 hours prior to your test.

We perform one or all of the following tests in our PFT lab:

  • Spirometry pre- and post-bronchodilator
  • Spirometry without a bronchodilator
  • Nitrogen washout/Lung volume
  • Carbon monoxide diffusion capacity
  • Arterial blood gas
  • Incentive spirometry
  • Oximetry with exercise

For more information about Pulmonary Function Testing, call 207-369-1135.